Smile like Drake Charity Gala Launch / by Bec Crockett

On Saturday 30th November we attended the Launch of the Smile like Drake Foundation Charity. The charity has been started by our great friends Nicole and Trevor Drake after the tragic death of their beautiful son Chris. Chris was swept out to sea from North Curl Curl pool on Saturday March 16th 2013. His body was found 5 days later at North Head. Nicole and Trevor have poured their energy into this inspirational charity to promote and develop water safety equipment and procedures, so that lives can be saved in Australia and internationally.

The launch had 410 attendees, including political dignitaries and well known Australian sports people. There was a live auction with 14 awesome donated prizes including Caspian's iconic Madonna surfboard, which sold for $3000.00!!

If you want to donate to a very worthy cause please go to

Posted by Bec Crockett

Caspian's Madonna Board was auctioned for $3000.00.

Caspian's Madonna Board was auctioned for $3000.00.